Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A Hypothetical Article / Wish-list by Craig Friebolin

In a speech not yet delivered by President Barack Obama he addressed the nation and encouraged Americans to stop justifying poor judgment and bad behavior under the excuse; “I’m just doing my job”, and asked Americans from all walks of life to “speak-up” but not “walk-out”.

“I realize American’s need to provide for their families and it would be irresponsible for me to suggest you quit your job over matters of minor principal … but it is not unreasonable for me to suggest that you voice your opinions and concerns in a peaceful and casual way to your employers, family members, and government officials” said the President. “We can accuse the Bank CEO’s of being greedy but can we excuse the hundreds of customer service representatives and billing department staff who silently implemented and executed these unfair practices under the justification of ‘I’m just doing my job’?”

The President’s solution is a simple one that can be executed from anywhere without finical burden or the need to assemble; which certainly fits into every Americans budget and hectic lifestyle. The simple “Trickle-Up” approach was delivered in such an intimate way that viewers felt the Obama manta change from “Yes, We Can” to “Yes, YOU can”. … I was personally moved by the speech and have since called my editor at FOX News to speak-out internally about our collective irresponsibility.


My name is Craig Friebolin and I don’t actually work for FOX News, nor do I work for any type of media outlet. I’m just an average lower-middle-class secular American who feels that others in my situation don’t realize how self-defeating the “I’m just doing my job” attitude can be and I wanted to offer this hypothetical, yet simple, solution in hopes of effecting some change.

What I am suggesting is nothing more than a well-written speech that encourages Americans to ask themselves, on a case-by-case basis, if what they are doing is right or wrong, and then voice the answer to those closest to them with the power to effect change.

I believe the President can make a dramatic impact on our national value system with this simple request. I believe that at our core we all know that speaking out is the right thing to do, but as individuals we feel un-empowered and that we only run the risk of job loss by saying anything without unified support or the feeling of being granted ‘permission to speak’ by a power higher than that of those who employ or oppress us. … Who better to unify us than the President of the United States?

I do hope this will be taken under serious consideration and I can be contacted at anytime for further elaboration.

Thank you for your time.


Craig Friebolin

(Faxed to the White House today at 11:45 am EST and mostly likely in the trash by 11:55am EST)

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