Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Allentown PA Parking Authority Sucks!

The Allentown PA Parking Authority is a business that targets low-income families for profit (period)

Need Proof they target low income families? Ok... Click Here

How much profit? AT LEAST 5 million dollars annually (but I've seen a report of 19 million recently). Need Proof? Ok... Click Here

If you think they HAVE to give out this many tickets... you're wrong!

A large number of tickets are given out due to "Street Cleaning".

Street Cleaning closes down 25% of Center City parking for several hours 4 days a week in a City that is AWARE OF THE FACT that there are not enough places to park already.

The City claims it "has to" street clean because of regulations from Fed. & State Government with regard to pollutants that enter into the water supply via street drains/gutters so their hands are tied.

HOWEVER! Allentown's water filter system is archaic!

Solution: Take the MILLIONS the Parking Authority makes and re-invest it into replacing the gutters with newer ones! This would eliminate the need for all the redundant street cleaning, solve the parking problem and make more citizens happy and less inconvenienced!

If you agree with the proposed solution above then call this guy at the Allentown Dept of Public Works and rip into him: Richard Young - 610-437-7587

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