Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Allentown Parking Authority

Over the weekend I finally found some time to put into the Anti-Allentown Parking Authority website: http://www.brokenladders.com

It's nowhere near my best web design work, but with limited time to put into the project, I think the information on the site makes up for the lack of my normal flashy graphics. I'll keep updating the information and plan to add 2 more sections when I can find the time, so check in from time-to-time for the latest updates.

On a related note: Today I was at the A-Plus on 12th and Hamilton and I ran into a police officer who shook my hand for calling out the Allentown Parking Authority ... and ... well ... while I might not get paid cash for all my hours of research into the APA ... that handshake made it all worthwhile.

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