Friday, March 19, 2010

Definitive Arguments Against Cell Phone Bans

If you are Pro-Cell Phone Bans ... you should know this:

Accident rates keep dropping while cell phone use sky rockets.

Bans don't solve anything in places that have them:,0,4721082.story

People won't stop using their cell phones:

Accident rates won't change:

Stop saying using a cell phone is like drinking and driving. If you believe that study proved cell phones are really as bad as drunk driving; you should know the same study also proved it's safer to drive drunk than it is to drive sober. (it's a REALLY POORLY DONE study with a flashy headline):

The "studies" on this topic are REDICULIOUS! You really should read them! REALLY! Just because some place called; The National Institute Of We Think We Know Some Stuff Council put out a report doesn't mean it's not total crap. You should READ IT and not just skip to the "conclusion" (BTW, the most insane stuff is almost always AFTER the conclusion):

"Distraction by cell phone" is not a option on a police accident report so a large majority of the numbers people spout off as being fact are either made up or from questionable sources:

To summarize ... Cell Phone Bans don't work and only accomplish the following:

  • They encourage road rage towards those who choose to use a phone while they drive
  • Criminalizes over 98.5% of people who are not guilty of any moving violation
  • Over extends the duties of law enforcement because now they are chasing down cell phone users rather than violent criminals, etc.
  • Gets those who support the ban all-fired-up because they feel the ban is not being enforced (Weather it is or not! Which is not surprising since they didn't look into reasons for supporting the ban so why would they look to see if it is actually being enforced? The same people who use "I saw a guy doing something bad on a cell phone" as their logic to punish everyone are the same people who will use "I saw a cop drive by a guy on a cell phone and not give them a ticket" as their logic to say the ban isn't being enforced.)
  • Lastly, It adds to the hyper inflation of the danger on the subject. Thus creating a greater bias and more problems ... such a this:

Most of the information to draw these conclusions has existed for a long time ( but everyone chooses to ignore it in favor of studies that nobody actually reads or questions ... but they keep telling us to use common sense while supporting a law that clearly won't solve anything!

Let's not forget most places are combating this "problem" with *FINES* ... But I guess if we had to only punish those that actually were involved in an accident, then that would limit our punishments to the guilty instead of those that might be guilty at some time in the future.

Obviously speculative correlation with draconian fines is our only hope.

Sure we are going to fine hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people who didn't hurt or endanger anyone, but this is the cost of the extremely remote chance it might save one life. Think of the children!
(How remote you ask? Take your odds of being in an accident then factor in your odds of being on a cell phone at the time of being in the accident)

Apparently; Education is useless and punishment of the guilty is just too hard.

Still not getting it? Answer this:
Have you ever driven in a city where there isn't a cell phone ban and even with the "super crazy increased danger that driving and cell phones create"; you did it anyway? ... Why was it was worth the "risk" when it was YOU who had to give up a personal freedom? Will you stop driving in places that don't have a call phone ban?

There is a clear bias to get these bans passed ... here is an example video:

- Around :30 seconds into this video, the driver who almost hits someone IS NOT on a cell phone while those who are on a phone aren't doing anything dangerous. But when you slice the video up in this mannor it leads people to think otherwise.

- The kid at 2:18 just speeds up and runs into the video game car in front of him on purpose ... what's that about!?

Here is the reality:

Here is what Cell Phone Ban Supporters seem to think is happening everywhere and most also act like this guy wouldn't get a reckless driving ticket:

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